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How to use the forum
« on: January 01, 2012, 03:15:37 PM »

This forum is built on the Simple Machines Forum engine, which is a very widely used and quite standard forum engine. So it should be pretty intuitive to use for anyone who has used online discussion forums before.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with online discussion forums, the concept is quite simple once you get your head around a few key concepts and the terminology:

An individual message, written by a member of the site that is publicly viewable by the members of the forum and is generally either the first thing written about a Topic, or is a reply to a Topic. Most Posts can be replied to by other users.
When someone first posts about a Topic, they start a Thread of conversation, similar to an email thread, that consists of their initial Post and maybe some number of replies.
You are currently reading the Topic How to use the forum.
A collection of Topics. The Topic you are currently reading belongs to a Board called INSTRUCTIONS.
A collection of Boards. The INSTRUCTIONS Board belongs to the We are the 99 percent Category.
The entire collections of Categories, Boards, Topics and Posts. In this case the Forum is called Occupy This Song.
A user with special privileges and responsibilities to help maintain the Forum. Such privileges include the ability to modify, move and otherwise manage Topics, Boards and Categories.

More detailed help is available here

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