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How to contribute
« on: January 01, 2012, 06:43:36 PM »
Depending on what it is you want to contribute, there are different specific ways to go about it. Please stick to these simple guidelines unless you have a better idea. In that case, please raise the idea and let us discuss it and we'll consider changing the rules.
  • Ideas
    • Words
      If you have an idea that want to share, that can be expressed with words, then please just post it in the appropriate forum. Take the few seconds required to find the right forum board and thread to post in, so that it contributes to the existing conversation.
    • Images
      If you require a picture to convey your meaning, you'll find you can attach images to forum posts.
    • Links
      By all means link to things that are relevant, but please don't spam this forum or use it as a vehicle for self-promotion.
  • Content
    We're looking right now at the best way to share large files. Here are the current proposed practices:
    • Recordings (Individual instrument tracks/Separates/Stems)
      • Please try and minimise the size of audio files to begin with. I know we all like to have 32bit, 192kHz wave files to work with as source material, but 16bit and 44.1 is usually good enough - and sometimes you can get away with much less. Often a high quality mp3 is good enough. Another way to reduce the size of files is to provide only a single repetition of any looped or repeated audio.
      • If you have destructive effects on a recording, please also provide a version with the effects switched off.
      • Audio files can be attached to forum posts though at some stage this might exceed our storage limit and before that happens we'll need a plan B.
      • If you can host the files on your own server, please do so and place links in the forum post to the files on your server.
    • Projects
      I and a few of the others here use Ableton Live which supports packaging an entire project up into an easily-transportable archive. We encourage Live users to provide the whole project and are open to others posting the project file for their preferred software. Remember that you can't assume anyone downloading the project has the same custom plugins you have, so any tracks that rely on third party software extensions should be written out as audio files.
    • Mixes (and remixes)
      Please upload your mix to or some similar service that, like soundcloud, offers an embeddable widget for playback. I prefer soundcloud because it has an HTML5 widget that will play on non-flash devices, such as iPads and iPhones.
      Also, once you upload the mix to soundcloud, you can add it to our group:
    • Video (clips and edits)
      Please upload any video to or a similar site and link to it in the forum.
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