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stripped down


Jay Reynolds:
Hey, I gave the original mix several listens through, and then stripped it down to just the main vox to see if I could get a feel for a groove against the lyrics.   Assuming G minor, I was careful to keep the flat 5th in the original, thought it sounded pretty interesting - oh, and the mallet bass reminded me of an anvil. 

Ollie Rankin:
Cool. I like the way this feels much less aggressive than nic's or my version. Might be worth doing a more laid-back rendition of the rap to fit this kind of groove.

Do you wanna provide the recordings? You should be able to upload audio files as attachments to the forum post.

Jay Reynolds:

Yeah, I can post them no prob.  Lemme retrack them so they're a bit tighter. 

Jay Reynolds:
Harder mix:


Ollie Rankin:
Yeah that's cool, too. It's got a bit of that Judgement Night Soundtrack feel to it.

Onyx ft. Biohazard - Judgement Night
Helmet & House of Pain - Just Another Victim
Faith No More/Boo-Ya Tribe - Another Body Murdered
etc, etc


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