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Some partial lyrical ideas
« on: January 03, 2012, 10:02:55 PM »
Here is a random collection of lyrics that I have in my scratchpad for the song that didn't make it into a verse or chorus yet. They may inspire one of you to develop them into a stanza:

Greece birthplace of democracy
Now it's the worst case of bankruptcy
Followed close behind by Italy
Democratic governments overthrown by debt

It's not just the oppressed that deserve to be free, so do we
But then we switched on the TV and here is what we saw
Mace in the face and a wrongful arrest
A disgraceful display of Damascus justice

We, the bourgeoisie, supposedly in a democracy
Are only as free as any Syrian or North Korean
We're victims of the biggest ever Ponzi scheme
All of your stocks and all your property
Are worth nothing unless some sucker comes along who still believes
That another sucker will one day buy them for even more money

We gotta stand up and stop it
Politicians in the pockets
Of the same Corporations
That are bankrupting nations
The EU is collapsing
One country at a time
We're running out of patience
And we're running out of time