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Separates 2011/12/30 (Updated to add dry versions)

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Ollie Rankin:
Here are the individual tracks from today's mix, including "dry" (no fx) versions of those that have fx applied:

* MAIN_VOX_dry
* VOX_2
* VOX_2_dry
* VOX_3
* VOX_3_dry
* VOX_4
* VOX_4_dry
* VOX_5
* VOX_5_dry
* VOX_6
* VOX_6_dry
* VOX_7
* VOX_7_dry
* DRUMS_dry
* SUB-BASS_dry

Jay Reynolds:

What's the policy on separates / mix stems regarding effects and other processing - specifically eq, dynamics, & reverb?

Ollie Rankin:
Good point. I'm about to save out dry versions of all the tracks and upload those, too.

Jay Reynolds:
I can't get any of the tracks to sync in Live for some reason.

Just doing this:  start live -> create 5 audio tracks -> drag dry files of drums, 3 bass parts, and main vox and align all at bar 1.

I'll try in Reaper just in case (maybe Live is trying to be clever about something...? ).

EDIT:  yeah, it's just Live working against my expectations (all this time and I've never dragged in .wavs from outside the working project!)  Works fine in Reaper with me operating in bonehead-mode.  Um... guess I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong.  n/m.

Jay Reynolds:
btw, have you tried "collect all and save" with live?  I've tried that with T-Proc.  Seems to work well.  An issue, aside from requiring Live, is that not everybody owns the same 3rd party plugins - so, any parts that are effects driven need to be baked out.  Oh, another issue is that the collected archive can be pretty hefty (but no bigger than the total of all .wav files as separate stems).


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